What It Means To Be an Ally

The universe of Twitter is intriguing. The vast opinions, the outlets of all varieties, even the plethora of opinions. Twitter has it all. Lately, Twitter has been home for race relations. The whole world has but as an American, I’ve seen it much more here. Twitter defines that, Twitter is a microcosm of that. Twitter paints the American racial picture. Bigoted people attack those trying to liberate themselves and avoid white allies who are there to push #BlackLivesMatter, to push the recognition of police brutality, to push all forms of liberation. That is what is interesting about being an ally in America. 

No white American will ever comprehend being black in America just as a straight person will never comprehend being gay. With that being said, being an ally is an interesting insight into the way America has treated POCs since the birth of America. The white man has spent decade upon decade, century upon century creating the racial construct we have today. But now more than ever does the white man have no control over the racial construct of today. Now more than ever is the white man more scared of another white man. Malcolm X once said, “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me,” his sentiment remains true to this day and bigger than that it shows what being an ally is. 

Being an ally for black people, in particular, is a struggle if white, once you’ve expressed your opinion and stated the fact immediately the other white man has no desire to have a brotherhood with you. Bigger than that our very own ancestors (talking about white allies here) fought to create this construct! They created it and we’re rebelling it by regular opinions what we are doing is treason, it’s blasphemous, it’s “racist.” I say it is right. We created the construct and we have ways and means to help destroy it. The poor white is damn near as marginalized as a black person in America yet many times poor whites are the most bigoted. 

The point I’m making is, being an ally is vastly more important than anyone can realize. Beyond actually uplifting the marginalized people you fight for, you get to actually see inside the realities of being that person. So while the politics of this country becomes less white, allies have a chance to push forward legislation that will make sure POCs’s children and grandchildren will never have to live in the harsh realities of what it means to be Black in American. Muslim in America. Gay in America. Asian in America. Latin in America. A woman in America. 

Bradford X 


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  1. Very thorough and interesting perspective on an issue that is still very relevant in 2016, unfortunately. Down to read more, check out some of my posts,

    – Noire

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    1. meettheyouth says:

      We absolutely will. We believed it was exceptionally important to talk about race relations in this country and being that we have multiple races writing, we believed that this was necessary. Thank you for the comments and love. We appreciate it.

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